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Create a List

Every great recommendation starts with a list. Give your list a catchy name. For instance, "My Ultimate Travel Adventures" or "Top Tech Gadgets of 2023."

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Add recommendations to the list

The heart of your list is the recommendations you share. You can add a wide range of content, from YouTube videos to affiliate links. Share what you love!

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Share the list with everyone

Once you've curated your list, it's time to share it with the world. Let your recommendations reach a global audience and make an impact.

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Track the performance

MyLikes offers a suite of tools to help you monitor the performance of your recommendations. Analyze key parameters and gain insights into how your list is doing.

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Features to engage users with your list

MyLikes isn't just about sharing; it's about engaging. We provide you with a wealth of features to captivate your audience.

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With MyLikes, you're not just sharing; you're building a community around your passions.

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Whether you're an expert foodie, a fashion aficionado, a tech guru, or an explorer of hidden gems, MyLikes is your stage to shine.
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